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Salerm 5-piece Vegetable Placenta Restructurer Set

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Salerm 5-piece Vegetable Placenta Restructurer Set
  • Protein Shampoo - Experience deep down hair hydration with this protein shampoo with a natural keratin base and a natural pH that acts effectively to restore dry hair, giving back body and shine. Perfect for chemically treated hair.
  • Balsam Protein Conditioner - Restores the natural balance of damaged hair. This may be damage caused by atmospheric factors as well as chemically treated hair. Whatever the cause this balsam, rich in active conditioning agents immediately restores the hair's soft feel, liveliness and shine. Perfect for all hair types.
  • B5 Silk Protein Leave-in Conditioner - Salerm21 is more than a conditioner or leave-on hydrating mask that instantly revives and treats damaged hair. Its special formula based on silk proteins gets right to the very core of the hair. Leaves hair lively and shiny and is perfect for protecting hair from the sun, heat, pool chlorine and salt water.
  • Wheat Germ Mask - Get healthy, cared for hair thanks to wheat germ mask. Acts on the hair from root to tip, leaving hair hydrated and conditioned. Perfect for very dry or badly treated hair or hair damaged through constant chemical processing treatments.
  • Salerm Vegetable Placenta Restructurer - This treatment combines, in a single hydroalcoholic therapy, cellular growth factors & proteins from purified soy & aloe vera enriched with sulphured amino acids and a combination of 3 plant extracts (thyme, rosemary & bergamot). In addition to recognized generating & stimulating effects on the capillary fibers & scalp, this Salerm Placenta Vial provides decongestive, stimulating, epithelizing & antiseptic actions. Also contains a cationic filmogen which creates a film on capillary fibers, giving nerve & shine to debilitated hair. The result is an effective treatment which improves cellular respiration, reactivates metabolism & stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, promoting the formulation of new hair & nourishing debilitated and/or split hairs.

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