Alter Ego Color Ego Permanent Coloring Cream - 3.38oz

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Alter Ego Color Ego Permanent Coloring Cream - 3.38oz

Permanent hair color with a shea butter base that is perfect for covering grey hair. The Shea Butter nourishes, hydrates, and maintains natural shine. The other ingredients - rosemary, sage, birch and horsetail carry out a highly protective action during color oxidation and increase its transporting capacity. Color Ego gives uniform results, reliable tones, long lasting colors and reduces the effect of undesirable color changes. Color Ego New Quality System - 72 shades, divided into 12 series - natural, ash, violet, golden, copper, copper red, red, red violet, mahogany, chestnut, tobacco, super lighteners, 5 corrector and 1 neutral.

•    Permanent hair coloring cream
•    Perfect for covering grey hair

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